Did you know you can exempt a motor vehicle from paying road licence if its going to be off road for a long time?

It might a broken down vehicle, or you are planning to go out of the country for a while meaning you wont be using it for quite a long time but you are worried you have to be up to date in your payments to the Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA).


You can simply exempt the vehicle from paying this licence by going to your nearest ZINARA with your vehicle registration book and $2 and it will be exempted from the roads.


You can get it back on the road anytime by going to your nearest ZINARA and pay for its licence for the following term.


List of all Polytechnic Colleges in Zimbabwe

Earlier this week, I wrote an article listing all the universities in Zimbabwe. Today I will list polytechnic colleges. Lets not waste time in paragraphs


  1. Bulawayo Polytechnic College, Bulawayo
  2. Gweru Polytechnic College,Gweru
  3. Harare Polytechnic College,Harare
  4. Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic College,Gwanda
  5. Kushinga Polytechnic College,Marondera
  6. Kwekwe Polytechnic College,Kwekwe
  7. Masvingo Polytechnic College,Masvingo
  8. Mutare Polytechnic College,Mutare


Have I missed one/more? Help me and someone in the comments section

Registering a motor vehicle in Zimbabwe (original registration)

Before a motor vehicle can be used on the Zimbabwean roads, there are 3 important documents it should have, and these are

  • Vehicle Registration Book
  • Road Licence
  • Third party insurance

These are the documents I will be explaining on how to obtain them in Zimbabwe for a vehicle to be registered in Zimbabwe for the first time that is original registration in Zimbabwe.

1. Go to your nearest Vehicle Inspection Depot (VID)

At the VID you get what’s called a vehicle particulars verification and your vehicle weight. So after you explain your story they will tell you to pay for

  • Particulars verification – $20
  • Use of weigh bridge – $20

When this is done you will get one form like the one below stating your vehicle make, model, engine capacity, color, net mass, etc. This is a one-day process and can be completed in way less than an hour depending with the service delivery of your nearest depot.


2. Go for vehicle police clearance. You can ask at your nearest police station where this the office are located.

At the vehicle police clearance offices they will ask for

  • Customs Clearance Certificate (CCC) – the form you get from ZIMRA at the port of entry after paying for your duty
  • Particulars verification from the VID
  • Owner’s Identification
  • Sometimes the vehicle insurance
  • Sometimes the purchase invoice/receipt

Depending with your location the process takes 0-14days. In Beitbridge it’s a same day process, Harare same day processm Gweru 7-14 days process. When everything has been successful you will get a police clearance.

3. Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)

You then proceed to ZIMRA for actual vehicle registration. They will ask for

  • Customs Clearance Certificate
  • Owner’s Identification
  • Owner (If owner is not available then there should be an affidavit from the owner allowing the registering person to register the vehicle on his/her behalf)
  • Particulars verification from the VID
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Police Clearance
  • 2 copies for each of the above items
  • $160. Make sure they authorise you to pay first before paying to avoid inconveniences
  • Here you will get your vehicle registration book and your number plates.

4. Buy third party Insurance

When you have a vehicle registration book, you have to buy third party insurance for the registered vehicle now. They will ask for your vehicle registration book and the price depends on the insurance agent but it stands on an average of $30 for light vehicles.


5. Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA)

You then proceed to ZINARA for your vehicle road license. They will give you a form to fill with your details and your vehicle details. You then produce your

  • Vehicle registration book
  • Proof of Insurance payment
  • Filled form
  • Around $20 depending with your vehicle size. Note that the $20 is valid for a term (4 months).
  • You can also opt to pay for radio license ($10) or not, but its good to pay it just to save your time from the Zimbabwean police on roadblocks.

When that is done they will print for you you licence and insurance disc(s) which you should display on your windscreen at all times.

Please note

  • Roughly you need $250 to register, licence and insure a motor vehicle.
  • You do not need to travel with your vehicle registration book at all times in your car.


List of all Zimbabwean Universities

Are you looking forward to undertake your tertiary studies with a Zimbabwean university. Here is a list of all of them, and the cities where the different campuses of each university can be found. For more information you can visit the websites. Only one university on the list (Gwanda State University has no website).


  1. Africa University, Mutare | Harare
  2. Bindura University of Science Education, Bindura
  3. Catholic University in Zimbabwe, Harare
  4. Chinhoyi University of Technology, Chinhoyi
  5. Gwanda State University, Gwanda
  6. Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo
  7. Harare Institue of Technology, Harare
  8. Lupane State University, Lupane
  9. Midlands State University, Gweru | Mutare | Zvishavane | Harare
  10. National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo
  11. Reformed Church University, Masvingo
  12. Solusi University, Bulawayo
  13. University of Zimbabwe, Harare
  14. Women’s University in Africa, Harare
  15. Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University, Bindura
  16. Zimbabwe Open University, has campuses/branches all over Zimbabwe


Source: <http://careers263.co.zw/institutions.php>

The DSTV alternative you can consider in Zimbabwe when running on a tight budget

Low income = tight budget. Unless if you are a failure in planning or a loyal and regular FMC Finance  customer. Entertainment (DSTV in this case) being least in the needs pyramid may suffer $0 allocation in your budget, but did you know there is a real $0 alternative you can have. Its not as good as DSTV, but much better than just ZTV or movie hunting everyday.


This alternative is called OpenView HD. Its a free satellite TV service, with close to 20 TV channels that include SABC1-3, e.tv, e-movies, e-extra, e-toons, etc. It has no monthly subscription fees. The only thing you have to pay for is the purchase of the decorder which is R499 in South Africa and at an average price of $45 in Zimbabwe. It however has to be activated by a South African MTN number (who doesn’t have a relative in South Africa so don’t worry)