The DSTV alternative you can consider in Zimbabwe when running on a tight budget

Low income = tight budget. Unless if you are a failure in planning or a loyal and regular FMC Finance  customer. Entertainment (DSTV in this case) being least in the needs pyramid may suffer $0 allocation in your budget, but did you know there is a real $0 alternative you can have. Its not as good as DSTV, but much better than just ZTV or movie hunting everyday.


This alternative is called OpenView HD. Its a free satellite TV service, with close to 20 TV channels that include SABC1-3,, e-movies, e-extra, e-toons, etc. It has no monthly subscription fees. The only thing you have to pay for is the purchase of the decorder which is R499 in South Africa and at an average price of $45 in Zimbabwe. It however has to be activated by a South African MTN number (who doesn’t have a relative in South Africa so don’t worry)

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