How to make money online from Zimbabwe

  1. Create your own blog

A blog is basically a collection of posts. You can make money from blogging by choosing a topic or topic to blog about and write good content. People are always hungry for content and if you have good content you will get traffic (many visitors to your website). You can then start selling advertisement space from you website. I will write an article about ways you can make money from blogging later but in the meantime checkout some Zimbabwean people who are monetising blog content.







2. Sell your skill to all the curves of the world

Do you have a special skill which you can service the world with and get some compensation. For example programming, logo design, search engine optimisation, accounting, writing, translation, . Go ahead on Fiverr, Part Timerz, Truelancer, Upwork and our own local freelancing platform Shanda.


3. Selling stock photography

Are you skilled in taking photographs, editing photos, making pictures with tools like Photoshop. You can make money online by selling your images on the following internet platforms iStock Photo, Shutter Stock, Alamy, and many more related platforms. You can just google for them.

There are many untouched Zimbabwean photos which are needed by bloggers and companies for their ads and content.


4. Creating funny videos

Can you make/write jokes, create video animations, or capture real videos. Make money by

i. Making those videos

ii. Upload them on the internet (mainly on Youtube and Facebook)

iii. Get a follow from the Zimbabwean people ever ready to follow new jokes and trends

iv. Start considering making revenue from those videos

That’s what P O Box Reloaded (Bhutisi, Boss Kedha and crew) , BUSTOP TV (Gonyeti and crew), and Baba Tencen are busy doing.


5. Be a vendor online. Sell your product to all the corners of Zimbabwe.

Do you own old items that you can get to sell? Take good pictures of them. And take time to go on the following classified sites and list them there. Probably someone is looking for them.

Zimbabwean Classifieds Sites

i. Zimbabwe

ii. ownai

iii. e-classifieds Zimbabwe








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